Here are the readings I provide...



During these sessions we would talk about the ins and outs of your relationships, whether it be with your mother, brother, boss or lover.


I'd take the opportunity to see what makes you the best you and how to develop meaningful compromises with the people you love and know.


And sometimes, I'll have to be honest and tell you to let some people go.



​What's your heart telling you to do?


During these sessions we would discuss your career and business questions.

We would also discuss what you're true calling might be. I would share with you what I feel Spirit might be urging you to do.


Should you work for yourself? Are you a team player? Should you get more education? These are some of the questions that may come up in our reading.



I want to make you shine!!


During these sessions I'd truly try to get to know the true you. The one that wants to break through and allow you to shine.


Here we would discuss your numerologic numbers, astrological signs,  interests, goals and fears.


I'd like for you to get a hold of what resonates with you.




Let me say a prayer and let's see what Spirit has to say about you and what you're going through.

Let's skip all the formalities and get to the meat and potatoes.

Let's shape a plan together to that helps you to maneuver through your obstacles.

( This is my favorite reading!! )


Please let me know which reading you would like to recieve and I will be sure to get back to you right away. Pictures will be provided.

Audie Rose

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Audie Rose

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​DISCLAIMER* Although caring and accurate advice may be received during a reading, these readings are still to be considered for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not substitute for medical, legal, or financial assistance. I will not be held liable for any outcomes or actions, whether yours or those of another person, that may result from information given.