Audie is an empathic, intuitive, spiritual life coach and is here to offer some sound spiritual guidance and wisdom to walk you through your rough times.


Audie’s clairvoyant, clairaudient and presentiment abilities have allowed her to help hundreds of men and women across the world. Audie Rose has been developing her craft for over 20 years and has been reading professionally for 4 years.


In that time, Audie has perfected her reading style and has become quite proficient understanding the nuances of the spiritual world.


WHAT I DO: I am a natural counselor. I listen and I care. I read cards with kindness and honesty. I speak with purpose and clarity. I offer 1/2 hour readings and I entertain by doing readings at festivals, birthdays and other special events.

I'd like to talk to you about:  

  • chakras,

  • astrological charts,

  • tarot cards.


We might discuss the moon cycles and how they may be affecting you. We might even talk about past lives or loved ones who are wanting to tell you something from the other side. 

I am a tarot loving counselor and look forward to hearing from you!

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Greetings, I am the other half to Audie Rose.


I am a music historian with a keen ear. I mix eclectic sounds with orchestra grooves. I would like to help you make a progressive soundtrack to your life.


I look forward to helping you along your path.

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"She is warm hearted, a lovely reader, to the point and gives you something to follow not just what's going on but what you can do. Things are not set in stone :) xxx"


"Audie emits SO much positivity! She is swiftly becoming my saving grace. I could sit here and type for an hour on how amazing she is, and it wouldn't scratch the surface. She is ABSOLUTELY, by far... The BEST reader on this site!!!! There's no one else here quite like her!!"



"Autumn...she is the only person I would go to for a reading. She is a very insightful, caring, and genuine person. All readings done from her are done from the heart. She takes her life work of helping people very seriously. Love love love her! You will not regret going to her."

                                                                      - Mecca


"Thank you Audie! My private readings are always positive and truthful, even when I'm a mess. Your kindness and wisdom has helped me through some tough days. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Visiting you always lifts my spirit. Your energy is amazing.
Audie's not only a gifted reader, though. She's a wonderful counselor and adviser, offering more than just answers but sound guidance and knowledge to help you along your path.
I would recommend Audie to anyone for a private reading anytime. She's thoughtful, quick and goes above and beyond for her clients. I will be back!"

"Thank you Audie for sharing your gift with me. The reading was powerfully accurate and direct. Your guidance showed what I was hiding from the world and from myself. The reading helped me unravel and honor myself and my gifts with the world. I carry the wisdom from the readings with me at all times when I need some loving encouragement and a lil' kick in the butt! Your readings are loving, uplifting, absolutely on point. Thank you Autumn for opening the gates and cheering me on alongside the spirits!"


Very friendly to do business with! I had a party and everyone that sat with her, said she was a pleasure! Highly recommended! 


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Audie Rose

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​DISCLAIMER* Although caring and accurate advice may be received during a reading, these readings are still to be considered for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not substitute for medical, legal, or financial assistance. I will not be held liable for any outcomes or actions, whether yours or those of another person, that may result from information given.