Audie Rose

Being psychic is a gift!!

There was a discussion in a LinkedIn group that I'm a part of. For weeks now, it called me to answer it, but I kept ignoring it. That is, until Wednesday morning, when I received a devastating email from a lady encouraging me to stop "being psychic" around my daughter.

As most of you know, being "psychic" is a gift. I didn't go to the store and buy it and I definitely didn't specifically ask for it. Again, it is a gift. But just like any gift, whether its your artistic ability or your athletic ability, it requires practice and plenty of knowledge to allow it to perform at maximum capacity. This too is how I feel about being psychic. It's a "muscle" that you have to establish and utilize. It's an ability that you have to learn how to use and perfect.

The header of the discussion on Linkedin stated,

"Being psychic is a gift, not an education!"

According to me, it's both.

Here's what I wrote...

"I've been following this discussion for awhile now and I wanted to leave my thoughts.. Being psychic is an education. I know it was for me. While I can recognize now that I've had these gifts, I didn't know what they were or how I could use them or even if I should. It seemed to hit me all at once and me being me, I had to figure out why.

The doctors didn't know. The counselors didn't know. I didn't know. So I started searching.

I read anything and everything and it felt like I was lead to more spiritual doorways then anything else. Once I recognized that my environment was literally affecting me, it awakened me.

I WAS emotional.

I DID feel what people felt.

I am empathic.

Keeping BAD company could devastate me. I need to help. I need to nurture. I was being drained.

My Virgo sun and Scorpio moon kept me asking questions. My life path number (8) was trying to shine through.

Jesus said that he was my brother and that I could do the things he did and more. God said I was perfectly and wonderfully made. He also told me to ask and He would answer. I've learned to speak a divine language with and without my cards. Images only I could have because they are mine. And God has been with me all the way.

I've learned a lot about myself. It truly has been an educational experience, but it was always in me. It's Gods gift to me.

Accepting my "psychic-ness" has been the best thing to happen to me. Gives me more reason to love myself and everyone in it.

I would love to help someone turn on their very own light and really know what it means to shine. I would love to show people how to use their own gifts. It's important to pay it forward.

Now that you've read my response, please tell me your thoughts on the matter...

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