Audie Rose

Soybean is NOT our friend

Have you ever felt a spiritual and physical tug that brings you to your knees?

I got that feeling when I was researching the liver and all its functions and responsibilities.

A friend of mine is suffering from cancer. Before she gets a chance to speak with a doctor, she wants to heal herself the holistic way. I’m trying to help.

I came across a website about liver and the correlation between cancers and their symptoms, which made me do another google search about soybeans. I learned that soybeans were never made with the intention of being served in food at such high doses.

At the same time, I re-watched the dynamic documentary Hidden Colors 3 by Tariq Rasheed.

In the documentary, Dick Gregory specifically spoke on the effects of soybeans and its correlation to cancer.

I learned that a American African by the name of Percy Lavon Julian was the actual discoverer of all the steroids they manufacture like prednisone and any other –one ending word you can think of.

He also discovered the sexual component that lives within the soybean.

Greedy men took and bought the patent for the magical soybean and now it’s found in those familiar million dollar products in the sex industry from Pfizer.

Where else do we see soy?

Isn’t soy in everything?

Everything from biodiesel fuel for buses, to our pharmaceuticals, to our food…. (specifically if you’re a vegetarian) lies the deadly soybean. It’s in our glues, paint, ink and plastic.

Another American African by the name of George Washington Carver studied plants as a profession. Because of his love of plants, he was able to understand the intricate lives of these beings we call plants, which made him a genius and a scholar.

Baba Carver told his friend Henry Ford (yes, the same Henry Ford who owns the Ford company we know and love) to give to his engineers a blueprint to create a car “plant”. Henry took Baba Carver’s advice and revolutionized the car industry. His car “plant” idea provided the nation’s assembly line concept. Hello, mass production!!

Isn’t it a shame that Baba George Washington Carver never was given credit?

The government specifically asked Baba Carver to make was plastic, paint, ink and glue. It was then that Baba Carver introduced them to the amazing soybean.

And before I go on…

Thank you, Baba Carver. Thank you Baba Julian.


So you see 2 instances of the advancement of American Africans where their inventions and knowledge changed the world, but did you catch the other thing???

Soybean is not meant to be ingested at the rate that it’s being ingested. It’s a steroid. It’s a glue. It’s the main ingredient to make paint.

So why is it in our food?

It’s turning our men on. It’s causing cancer in the bodies of women. It shuts down our liver and gives us cholesterol issues which force our bodies to secrete it through our pores to become horrible things like skin, uterus and breast cancer.

It’s such a shame that the corporations of America take over and abuse, steal and kill people at the rate that they do. All in the name of capitalism.

Capitalizing on the lives of men, women and children.

Capitalizing on the American Africans.

It’s obviously the reason why our brothers are so sexually driven. Its pumped in our foods and then because they're pumped up on steriods they get excited and need to release it... sexually.

Isn't it interesting how the sex market is the top industry of the world?

We are ingesting too many paint-inspired steroids. They keep blaming it on our meat, but there’s probably the same amount of steroids being pumped into every species of “food stuff” that we have on our shelves.

And my sisters... my dear sisters are suffering the most. Read the regular effects that steroids have on our bodies and then read how many boxes, bags, and jars have the soybean in it. Vegetarians have the highest instance of cancer. Being so dependant on soy is killing us and infecting us with hardened skin from the inside out. (Literally.)

It's messing up our sexual organs like our yoni's, wombs, breasts and precious skin.

It's time to end the snake-eating-its-tale-fantasy and....


Well lets quit playing their ridiculous game of kill-the-people-and-take-everything-they own.

It doesn't work for anything but corporations. So let’s just sign the usurfruct agreement (birth certificates and UCC statement) they gave us and live how God intended.

I understand that it must be hard to run a country in a perpetual war and all, but damn…

I want off this plantation.

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