Audie Rose

1117... It's Everywhere I Am

On a real note, I see 1117 almost everywhere I go.

On the car radio, while checking my Fitbit, getting out of the tub, the numbers 1117 are all around me.

I love numbers in general, so I get excited whenever these four numbers appear.

Why, you may ask?

Because I know that it means that I'm heading in the right direction... whatever it is. When I see 1117, I literally pause and ask myself what it is that I'm doing, saying or thinking. I make the quick assessment to "pat myself on the back" or encourage myself to keep going. I even congratulate myself.

According to Joanne at Sacred Scribes,

"Angel Number 1117 suggests that you are on the ‘right path’ on your life’s journey. The angels support and encourage you to pursue your life purpose in earnest. Listen to your intuition and higher-self and take appropriate action as only you can serve your soul purpose and fulfill your destiny. The angels encourage you to maintain a positive attitude and use positive affirmations in order to manifest your highest ideals and aspirations."

"Angel Number 1117 can also suggest that it is time to begin (or expand) a spiritually-based practice, career and or profession. The Universe and angels will ensure that all that you require will be provided for you, and you are to trust your own skills, abilities and inner-wisdom. Use your talents to serve humanity and bring illumination to those who seek it.Angel Number 1117 encourages you to learn more about your personal spirituality, and all that that entails."

I've seen it so many times now, that I know it by heart. It's exciting. It's what I'm doing!!

What have you been doing?

Tell me... what numbers are you seeing???

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