Audie Rose

The Moon Child

The Moon Child

As the full moon shines in the sky, this Friday the 16th, it's bringing into view the things that you have created for yourself and the things you need to let go of. It's also showing you a lot about other people as well. Be mindful of how you say things to other people during this time. You may make people feel uncomfortable. And to be honest, that's okay too because sometimes... it has to be said!

According to Manuel's manual,

"Moon Child, you are more than just a child who plays. Your clarity is so blunt and logical, it can shock people at times. You can be so radically honest and forthright that others might think you're rude. Your sharp edge can go deep into the heart in both and bad ways. You dwell in simplicity, yet you still question the very existence of life. Your waking path is to illuminate the obvious. Your abundance of light in the dark leads us to the changes we seek in our lives.

In particular, you are keenly aware of black girlhood and its reflection on how we've grown to think and to be as black women. Your divine work is to clarify the confusion caused by our wounding experiences. Your crystallization of how life works helps us to remove the blame from ourselves for all the pain we presently feel.

As a result of being the Moon Child that you are, there are many shadows around you. These shadows are the wounds you carry from your childhood. You are frequently moody. Your vision or insight is limited to what is shown to you. This can frustrate people because it is difficult to get you to see other ways. Much of this way of being stems from your rage and anger at being ignored and neglected as a child. Your pain embedded itself deep in your heart as your innocence was frequently bombarded with the realities of life. It is clear that your innocence is still present, since you are occasionally stunned to find yourself still wounded by the past. Your soul tends to sleep when it is shutting out painful childhood experiences. In the sleeping path, you are confused about what is going on around you. This confusion stems from past experiences colliding with present ones.

Moon Child qualities reveal that your spirit is still reliving some past experiences. You are limited to the child's small, glowing understanding of life. You are often still moving as an innocent black girl in your pain. choosing this card may mean it is time to integrate your past childhood experiences with the present.

In your soul revival, envision the little girl you were and reacquaint yourself with her experiences. how did she feel most times? What made her happy? What did she do when she was hurt, angry or in despair? These memories of yourself will bring illumination to some of your present feelings today. The clarity you already know how to access will propel your soul revival. A child's clarity is the purest state of knowing, and you are very unique in having preserved such a quality throughout your life."


I know that struck me to the very depths of my soul.

I am that, I am!

Enjoy this Full Moon and eclipse the very best you can! Know that everything is happening for a reason. A very good reason. Remove what no longer serves you. Be the light to others, so that they too can remove what no longer serves them as well.

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