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Angels on Earth: Meet Angel Intuitive Audie Rose

I was contacted by Whitney DeGroat, a Sacramento-based writer and blogger whose amazing work has been featured on sites such as

For this interview, she was actually writing as a guest blogger/reporter for Holistic Ebony. The online magazine's tag line describe's it as being "a guide to holistic wellness".

She wanted to interview me about my work with angels. She's been doing some extensive research on angels and wanted to understand my view of angels and how I work witht them.

I hope you enjoy and please let Whitney know what a great writer she is!!!

Check out the convo below...

Whitney DeGroat: If you’ve been following us for the past few months, you know we’ve been talking your ears off (er, writing your eyes out?) about all things angelic. If you’ve decided to get to know your angels better, but need a little help and guidance in the process, try having a chat with an angel worker. He or she can tap into the presence of angels around you and ask for guidance on your behalf by way of a reading, using crystals, tarot cards, or just good old intuition.

We picked the brain of angel reader Audie Rose for a clear picture of angel work, from what goes on during an angel reading session, to how you can contact the angels yourself. She also told us some pretty mind-blowing stories of her own experiences, including how she met the black angels (yes, black angels exist!) and how she found the courage, despite growing up in a repressive religious environment, to embrace her spiritual talents and start her own business, Readings with Audie.

Whitney DeGroat: What inspired you to start studying/working with the angels?

Audie Rose: In the metaphysical world, the use of angels is ever-present. People were praying to Archangel Raphael or Archangel Michael and were definitely getting some results, but for me those archetypes of angels seemed far away or unreachable. When I found Zenju Earthlyn Manuel’s Black Angels book and cards, I fell in love. These angels not only looked like me, but were also very relatable. The Dancer, the Poet, the Black Angel were all archetypes of angels that were made for me.

Black Angels…not only looked like me, but were also very relatable.

Quick story…It took me about 6 months to finally find the cards to go with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel’s book. The very first week that I had them two of the Black angels literally came to me. The first one came to me when I astro-projected and she was sitting in a chair in my room. Her face seemed pieced together by pieces of many magazines. The nose, eyes, cheeks and forehead seemed to be taken from 5 different pictures of people. The Changer had come to me. Her voice was that of Phylicia Rashād. She told me that everything was coming together and to be patient.

The second one came the next night during a conflict with a neighbor of mine. Around 3 am, the neighbors were outside fighting and they had their 1-year-old child outside. Without thinking, I took him out of the arms of the mother and brought him in my home for safety. While I was rocking him on my couch, three swirling lights appeared before me. The Sun Daughter was there. Both me and the baby sat there mesmerized and calmed by the presence. He never squirmed or cried even though he had never spent time with me before and when the cops finally came he was sound asleep. Since that time, these angels have been a permanent part of my life.

WD: How long have you been doing angel work professionally? How long did you do it non-professionally?

AR: Professionally, I haven’t had an opportunity to use them like I want to. In my field people tend to want answers right away. Most people don’t seem too interested in having their soul revived. In 2015, I plan to change all of that. I plan on reintroducing the Black Angels and making it the cornerstone of my business. Personally, I’ve been working with these specific angels for over a year.

WD: What kind of training did you receive? Are you self-taught, or did you learn from another person or program?

AR: I was definitely self-taught.

WD: Who and/or what influenced your spiritual background?

AR: My grandmother Harriet Thomas has been the biggest influence over my spiritual life and my life in general. While she considers herself a devout Christian, her interest in all things metaphysical has been a big part of her life. She introduced me to angels, dream interpretation, astrology and a little bit of numerology. She was born with a caul over her face and has always seen spirits. She was the one who made it ok for me to see my own set of spirits and gave me the confidence to work with them.

WD: Have you ever experienced prejudice or discrimination when others learned of the kind of work that you do? If so, can you describe the experience?

AR: I was raised in a very religious home. As a youth, I was very proud of this fact. I too believed myself to be a devout Christian, but as I got older and wiser and specifically once I entered the military, my eyes were open to the spiritual world in such a way that I could no longer keep my spirit life in a box. Once I came to terms with that and “came out” about my spirituality, I lost friends and even some family members. In a lot of ways I’ve been shunned. They consider what I do “devil’s work” and want nothing to do with me. Some have even told me that I’ve gone too far and that they’re praying for my soul. This has been a very painful experience for me, but I can no longer sit idly by and allow anyone to dictate my very own spiritual life.

WD: Tell us about a challenge you’ve experienced that the angels have helped you through. How did they help you?

AR: The angels seem to open doors for me that I had no idea I had access to. I can honestly say that I would have never come across Zenju’s book I wouldn’t have ever started my business. She alone gave me the confidence as a black woman to open a metaphysical business because of the channeling she did to bring these angels to life. When I started using the spreads she has in her book, I was able to understand myself a lot better. And by addressing my needs, I was better able to help others in need. The angels have always been there. Now I have access to them in a real way.

I don’t want to be seen as just a card reader. I want people to come to me to see their lives through new eyes.

WD: What obstacles have you run into while starting or operating your business? How did you overcome them?

AR: My biggest obstacle is my ability to put out what I feel are the needs of my customers. Specifically, in regards to changing their lives. I don’t want to be seen as just a “card reader.” I want people to come to me to see their lives through new eyes. A lot of my customers are living in constant trauma. It’s hard for them to see outside their most emotional situation. I’d prefer if they saw themselves as the heroine or hero that they really are. I’d like for them to understand why they are the way they are for a very specific reason.

Example…I’ve loved the number 8 my whole life. Initially it was because my birthday is 8/28. But now that I understand the numerology behind the actual number, I adore it!! Success, wealth, balance, risk-takers are all attributes of the number 8. My life path in numerology is an 8. It’s a part of me. It’s a part of my real social security number. I’ve found that I’m an 8, 2 (with 11 tendencies), 5 and a 6, all based on my very own numerology chart. (My real social security number!)

I want everyone to know their very own numerology chart. I want them to know the angels that they are and the angels that walk with them. I want them to know what animals make up their being and the essence they bring to the table. I want them to study themselves to know themselves as the powerful beings that they truly are. I’m trying to assess my own healing process to see what I’ve discovered about myself to help others heal themselves. My obstacle is to streamline the process so that I can market it in a more proficient way. I’m diligently working toward overcoming this obstacle.

WD: What’s the greatest or most rewarding compliment you’ve ever received from a customer about your work?

AR: I had a customer (now friend) who I had grown to really love and care for. I met her while on Oranum [a site connecting psychics with people seeking their services]. We chatted almost every day and I got a really great feel of who this amazing woman was. She was dealing with some relationship issues and I was working with her to see that she needed to break away from him and live her life for herself. Unfortunately she wasn’t ready to take that step and so she disconnected from me.

She came to me about a year later to confirm the worst – that he was no good and she should have let him go. It was then that she explained how she had purposely kept her distance. I was instantly taken aback and understanding. I knew that what I was telling/asking her to do was too hard for her to do at that time in her life and that everything works in divine timing. She was ready to hear what I had been telling her. She was finally ready to let go. She wrote me a couple weeks later to tell me that I was loved and appreciated and that she was glad that I was in her life.

WD: Are there any particular angels you most enjoy working with? If so, why them?

AR: Because I understand that in this physical life, everything I see is a reflection of what’s going on inside of me, I appreciate every angel. With that being said, I’d have to say Metatron has made himself very available to me and has been a great friend. (He did just make his presence known!) He (like Jesus and Legba) have opened doors for me and showed me things I didn’t think possible.

WD: Can you go into detail about the process you use when doing angel work? (I.e. What is the customer seeing and not seeing you do when you’re performing the reading for them?)

AR: Prior to any and every reading I always pray over myself for protection, wisdom and clarity. I sage myself and my office and seek guidance for myself. Once I’m able to see myself clearly, I enter into the space of clarity and begin the consult. And usually before I begin a reading with a customer, I pray over them and the cards before I move forward.

Before I begin a reading with a customer, I pray over them and the cards before I move forward.

WD: Different people sense the angels’ presence in different ways, from seeing them as balls of light to audibly hearing them speak. In what way do you sense the angels and receive information from them?

AR: I don’t seem to have a specific way of sensing them. I’ve seen them, heard them and felt their presence. Sometimes, like above, they appear to me in my mind’s eye. When I’m in a reading, they sometimes whisper a thought. Other times, because they visit me in my dreams, I’ll feel them around me.

WD: What would you suggest to someone who is thinking of getting an angel reading for the first time? Is there anything you’d recommend they do to prepare ahead of time?

AR: I would ask that they are ready to be healed and have their soul revived. I’d ask that they be open to the angels’ presence and their assistance.

WD: What are some simple ways a person can connect with the angels on his or her own?

AR: Honestly, all they have to do is ask and be ready for them to come. It seems as though, as soon as you ask for their presence they’re there.

Thank you, Audie Rose, and many angel blessings!

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