Audie Rose

Our Amazing Menstrual Cycles

"Birth is the first Rite of Passage of emergence onto Earth and so begins a journey of growth and expansion. As the young girl begins to develop and grow she emerges and awakens to herself, growing through phases of childhood towards Menarche, her first bleed, the next Rite of Passage in a young woman's life Life! This phase of Maidenhood is a powerful period of growth and development as she flowers and blossoms into her divine nature. She becomes magnetic and creative, with opportunities abounding on her journey toward full potential."

-Avalon Darnesh

Our menstrual cycle is a powerful time. It is a time where we can get a better understanding of what is going on within ourselves. I know it is not as convenient as we would like it to be, but it is still pretty amazing.

Our first couple days of bleeding mark the beginning of our menstrual cycle. It's a time of being still and going within ourselves. Most times we have to stay still because on these first days of our menstrual cycle, most ladies are bleeding pretty heavy during this time. Its a good time to journal or read. Try to put down your electronics at this time. Try to get more sleep during this time. You deserve it and your body wants you to.

A few days later represents a time of coming out of your shell. Hopefully you've been resting and dreaming and divining to start making your dreams a reality. It is still a time of reflection, but maybe you should start mapping out what it would take to move your project or idea forward. Hopefully, by the 7th day, your period has stopped and you are relieved of last months fears and internal build up (literally and figuratively).

As you move into the next week of your menstrual cycle, this is time of actually doing what you thought up a week ago. Your energy is up and you should be ready to get busy.You are now making calls, writing up proposals, exercising and building your reality.

14 days or so, from the first day of your period begins your ovulation time. At the height of this time, you may want party, come out or spend time with your loved ones. This is when you are feeling powerful and cat like. This is also when "your nest", like my friend Shasta Washburn says "starts to build in your womb."

Shortly after that last burst of energy, you may notice yourself needing to lounge or take mini naps." This is a time of reflection. You've done so much by now that you may need to write out your accomplishments. (unless you have been journaling from the beginning of your cycle) Go ahead and take that nap! You deserve it! This is happening because your nest isn't cradling a fertilized egg.

A couple days later, the things that are no longer working for you start acting up. You'll start noticing mistakes or feel blocks come up in your life. The math test you studied for makes you realize that maybe you remembered the wrong formula or on the day of your big deadline you became too sick to even show up. This could be your body's subtle (or not so subtle) nudge or push to let you know that maybe you need to slow down and pay more attention. This can be frustrating because I know you had a lot to accomplish! This time is usually called PMS. This is the dreaded week before your period. (But now that you understand why you're so cranky, maybe it won't be such a big deal this time!)

Your body is starting to break down your internal nest. Did you mark your calendar when you started your last period? If so, you'll know that 28 or so days has past and your period is coming. And that's a good thing!! Your body is doing what it does best and that's living.It's getting rid of the old to prepare for the new.

So what did you think of that? Isn't your body amazing?? I think so and I hope you do to!