Audie Rose

Don't Let Your Young Kings Believe That Mess!!!

After listening to Taraji and Tracie talk on the Breakfast Club this morning it had me remember when they tried to label my son with ADHD.

It was 2008 when I went off to boot camp. I was only supposed to be gone for 6 months, but that turned into a full 9 months.

I returned to Pittsburgh to gather my children and husband to take them with me to my new duty station in Virginia. It was the first week in June and the school my son was in wanted to have a meeting with me.

Omari had gone through so much during that year being away from me.

Amoni too, but gratefully it didn’t show academically.

They had me, Nate, my Mom, 2 teachers and the school counselor.

They went on to explain to me that my son was not passing the 4th grade and that he was suffering with ADHD.

Now before I left at the beginning of the school year and even before that, Omari was 1000% fine. Intelligent. Inquisitive. Ready to learn.

And now 9 months later, he couldn’t comprehend and was “always daydreaming“.

While I was in boot camp I gave my Mom full custody.

During this time these teachers had my mom getting my son tested for everything under the son. My Mom didn’t believe it at first either, so she tried the physical issues first.

They did need to remove his tonsils so that he could breathe better.

They did get him better glasses so that he could see better.

Omari was still not doing what they deemed “good or better” and so the teachers/counselors kept pushing for him to be on pills.

My son was not to be a pill popper.

There was nothing wrong with my son.

I stated all these things when I was in the meeting.

“Well we’ll need to separate him from class when they test” and we’ll “give him extra time when we do projects in class”. My Mom was in tears.

I was getting madder by the minute.

I had to finally ask “does it matter to you that I was gone for 9 months?”

“Did you guys take in consideration that his life changed drastically?”

They didn’t.

These questions were ignored.

They sent us away with a packet to give to his new school.

So 2 weeks later, my family is all together in Virginia Beach, VA.

2 months later I’m enrolling the kids into their new schools.

I go to hand over the packet that I despise and something prompts me to give the lady a disclaimer as why I don’t think that any of what is in there is valid..

She looks at me and agrees.

She said “they always do that” and proceeded to do what she could to make the rest of Omari’s school career successful.

Omari did have to repeat the 4th grade because of his grades, but he was put in regular classes. He lost weight. He made some awesome friends. And in the 5th grade he went on to take honor classes.

You’ve seen what Omari has accomplished over these last 19 years. Like Taraji P. Henson said “you can’t let those Kings believe that mess!!”

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