Audie Rose

We're Screwed!! (with sculpture)

We're Screwed!


Kenneth Bose

I was inspired to write the following in 2016, after my husband made this sculpture that reflected how we were thinking back then. It’s crazy that this same sentiment remains today. 

"This is what this country has come down to. Donald wants to continue screwing over, not just the corporate industry or the government, but our beloved country; while Hillary rides the onslaught of sexual, political and health abuse from herself and her opponent. It's an old and rusted platform that should no longer have any meaning.

The red and blue have been together so long that they've become one. Now purple, they are being pinned together by the same ugly forces that have been penetrating our country for years.

Terrorism. Slavery. Racism. Supremacy. Capitalism.

But the King and Queen are watching... whoever they may be... in the background. Always watching and waiting to see what we'll do next as a country.

The troops are just a pawn in their game. Some are blindly obedient to the missions they were given. This is our military. This is our police force. These are the walls they build to never know how horrible they're being to the people they've personally vowed to serve and protect.

This is an injustice to us all.

This is the United States political system.

-Autumn Bose"

It's crazy how 3 years later... same old Donald!