Let's talk! No matter how brave you are, how many degrees you have, or what you have gone through in the past, sometimes it is more courageous to get some help!

Here are a few concepts that we may discuss:

  • learning the value of the word "no"

  • improved self esteem

  • feng shui-ing your space 

  • friendship consulting

  • understanding your spiritual gifts

  • making a difference in the world


I want you to LOVE you!

Together we will make the journey of discovery and create the solutions when life happens! 


Sessions Include...

2 readings a month for 6 months

Printed materials

Astrology charts

Plus so much more...


Life Coaching with Audie


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    Audie Rose

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    ​DISCLAIMER* Although caring and accurate advice may be received during a reading, these readings are still to be considered for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not substitute for medical, legal, or financial assistance. I will not be held liable for any outcomes or actions, whether yours or those of another person, that may result from information given.